What We Do

In support of software litigation, the Bunseki Software Authority tools suite derives objective metrics from case related software, software artifacts, and documents. Our results prioritize relevant information for targeted analysis.

Bunseki offers the services of experienced technology professionals to analyse, report, and testify as expert witnesses. Our technologists provide independent analyses focusing on the specific items identified by the objective results. The result provides the client and legal team with timely, relevant, and targeted opinions.

Why is this Important?

Effective Arguments

Legal teams produce stronger arguments by leveraging a comprehensive analysis of all case artifacts. Every legal argument is backed up by a wealth of objective metrics and analysis.

Timely Results

Legal teams receive specific points of interest early in the discovery process. Litigation strategy, settlement negotiations, and scheduling of depositions may be fast tracked, providing a significant advantage over the opposition.

Reduced Costs

Clients strategically reduce high costs associated with specialized experts by targeting relevant information brought to light by Bunseki Software Authority's proprietary tools suite.