Objective Metrics

Bunseki offers objective metrics generation and comparison for large volumes of case related materials. Software artifacts include source code, functional tests, revision history comments, configuration files, engineering documents, emails, test results, and more. Document composition metrics and document content comparison are supported, as well.

Bunseki documents the methodology in which items relevant to the case are prioritized for review, adding credibility and foundation to the report and testimony of expert witnesses.

Independent Analysis

Bunseki offers a variety of independent analyses performed by one or more of our experienced technology professionals.

  • Software Analysis
  • Software Engineering Analysis
  • Document Content Analysis
  • Document Composition Analysis
  • Software License Audits
  • Software Patent Analysis
  • Trade Secret Analysis

Bunseki leverages its Objective Metrics Services to aid its technologists in their analyses.

Expert Witness

Bunseki offers qualified, industry experts with years of experience applicable to technologies associated with the case. Our experts are vetted based on their knowledge, integrity, and past experiences providing technology opinions and recommendations. Bunseki leverages its Objective Metrics Services and Independent Analysis Services to aid its experts in their testimony.

Hosting of Case Materials

Bunseki offers multiple hosting alternatives to ensure the security and isolation of case related materials to satisfy both legal and technical necessity.

Customized Solutions

Bunseki offers customized software solutions built into our tools suite in order to satisfy unique requirements of a specific case or investigation.